• Information

    You have successfully applied for a doctoral candidacy and already have a written
    confirmation from a supervising professor or a Graduate School?

    -> Then you can become registered as a doctoral student at Münster University!

    Why enrol?
    As a registered student you benefit from many services e.g.:

    • Reasonably priced dining facilities/Mensa
    • Reasonably priced sports facilities
    • Most importantly: you get a > semester ticket, which enables you to travel in NRW region for free

  • Enrolment period

    mid August – 15 November (winter), mid February – 15 May (summer)

    1. Fill in the online form
    2. Submit the signed form with all required documents to the Student Admissions Office
      Schlossplatz 2
      48149 Münster
    3. You will receive a first confirmation and your matriculation number.
    4. Within two weeks you will receive a letter with further instructions and your WWU login details.
      a. Go to www.uni-muenster.de/stu and log in
      b. Choose “Studiumsverwaltung” (Administration of Study) at the left navigation, then “Bezahlen und Rückmelden” (Payment and Re-Registration) (you can also switch to English at the top right corner)
      c. Now you will see how much you need to transfer, the payment details and a 13-digits reference number (please make sure to specify this number in your payment and not to add any extra reference information)
      Please keep in mind that if you transfer the semester fee in a foreign currency, you are responsible for covering the full amount. If a calculation fee needs to be paid for the transferal, it needs to be paid by you. Inform yourself about your bank’s
      fees and transfer an amount that is high enough. If you transfer too much, this will be kept on your university account and you may use it next semester. If you don’t transfer enough, you will not be enrolled.
      *for transferring money to the foreign account you can try alternative money transfer services like transferwise.com
      d. Within a week you should be able to see that your payment has been received (due amount: 0 Euro) if you login and choose “Studiumsverwaltung”. You can now choose to print your NRW semester ticket or ask to receive it via post. You can also print your immatriculation certificate.
    5. Upload a photo to receive your student ID card.
    6. Don’t forget to confirm your enrolment each semester by repeating step 4!!

  • Documents

    Required documents, officially authenticated (see also: checklist after online application)

    • Higher education entrance certificate
    • Bachelor’s certificate
    • Master’s certificate
    • a written confirmation from a supervising professor or a Graduate School
    • A written confirmation of statutory health insurance or a written confirmation (Befreiungsbescheingung) issued by a health insurance company stating that you are not required to be a member of a statutory health insurance company (in case you have taken out private insurance or do not require insurance at all)
    • A self-addressed stamped [EUR 1,55] envelope in size A4=C4

    Also required, if you would like to enrol for a doctoral degree course in Biology or Medicine:

    • a confirmation issued by the Dean of the relevant faculty is required (please get in touch with your faculty’s doctorate examination office)