The Graduate Centre's workshop programme

We organise and run workshops that target participants' personal and professional development. These are divided into three modules listed below. The current programme can be found by clicking on Events.

  • Academic Skills

    The WWU Graduate Centre accompanies you from the start of your doctoral study to your Postdoc with workshops on academic writing and working. Through external and internal Trainers, we offer you a variety of courses that teach you ways and competencies to work stress-free and successful on your paper, dissertation or other project. Broaden your knowledge of writing a well-structured outline of your project or dissertation. Learn to transfer your plan into a written exposé, which can be crucial to obtain a stipend or other funding. Finally yet importantly, there are techniques to enhance your writing process and to formulate a compelling text that may help you with your work. Apart from one-day and two-day workshops the WWU Graduate Centre regularly offers a writing workshop over several weeks that provides you additional writing tips and gives you set times to write in a group and exchange with peers on your work, your concerns and writing experiences.

    This semester we offer the following workshops in this module:

    18.–19.04.2023 / 09:00–14:00 / Good Scientific Practice (natural & life sciences)
    05.05./12.05./19.05./22.05.2023 / 09:30–11:30 / Writing gurus
    16.–17.05.2023 / 09:00–14:00 / Good Scientific Practice (humanities & social sciences)
    24.05.2023 / 09:00–11:00 / Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis: Forschungsdatenmanagement
    25.05.2023 / 09:00–12:00 / Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis: Open Access, Digitales Publizieren & ORCID

  • Soft skills and cross-disciplinary competencies

    This module covers themes such as project management, communication strategies and presentation techniques. The focus here is also on dealing with conflicts and bullying in the workplace.

    This semester we offer the following workshops in this module:

    12.04.2023 / 10:00–13:00 / New chapter: Doctoral candidacy. Developing your own Personal Development Plan (PDP)
    24.05.2023 / 10:00–13:00 / Intergenerational networking: Understanding age as a diversity metric

  • Career planning and orientation

    Here we help you deal with questions related to career planning and grow your decision-making and goal-setting skills. You also learn more about possible career paths, funding opportunities, and possible challenges.

Needs analysis results
Needs analysis results
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Dear Doctoral Candidates,

Do you ever struggle with finally starting your doctorate? Or is it the research phase of your doctorate that is causing you the most problems? Or are the last steps right before the end of your doctorate the most challenging part for you? Choose the right competences according to the stage of your doctorate in our illustration and check out our events to find the right workshops for your individual needs. We acquired these interesting results thanks to your numerous and valuable feedback in our survey of communication and events.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in this survey, providing invaluable tips that we can share with all doctoral candidates!