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  • 26.04.2019 / 15:15-19:00 / Graduate Centre’s 2-Minute Elevator Pitch meets Welcome Centre’s Monthly Academics "Presentation of University services for visiting scholars"

    Monthly Academics meeting mixes useful information with 2-minute research pitches: after a presentation of the services that WWU offers to international academics, two doctoral candidates that participated in the Graduate Centre’s workshop on science communication in February this year will demonstrate their pitching skills. Welcome Centre invited several partners from the Personnel Department, the Language Centre and University Sports to present their programmes from 14:30 till 16:00. Having practiced their pitches at the Graduate Centre in a 45-minute peer coaching session, doctoral candidates will move to Alexander von Humboldt-Haus to “sell” their research to Welcome Centre’s academics at 16:15 as if they were face-to-face with the CEO of their dream company. The audience will decide who got the job and give useful improvement tips! As usual for Monthly Academics, the pitches will be followed by a small snack and time to network.

    If you are a doctoral candidate interested in pitching your research, email Iva till April 24, 2019 at events.gc@uni-muenster.de.

    Benefits to doctoral candidates

    boost your pitch confidence
    connect to researchers who are interested in science outreach
    receive useful feedback and have time to reflect

    Target group: doctoral candidates
    Organisers: WWU Graduate Centre and Welcome Centre
    Venue: Graduate Centre (001) & Alexander von Humboldt-Haus, Hüfferstraße 61

    *The Welcome Centre and the Graduate Centre have jointly planned this event just for you, aware of the increasing importance of the researchers’ ability to show academic and business decision-makers that their research projects and ideas are of high value.*

  • 8-11 July 2019 / European Doctoral Summer School in York / Applications open!

    Hosted in the beautiful city of York, UK the 2nd Annual European Research Summer School provides a unique opportunity for 15 exceptional doctoral research students (5 each from the Universities of York, Münster and Maastricht) to come together to develop their professional skills, share and exchange ideas and network.

    Each of the collaborating Universities have in common a rich history, vibrant culture and commitment to developing and supporting research excellence. The Graduate Centre at the University of Münster, the York Graduate Research School and the Staff Career Centre of Maastricht University (in collaboration with the department of Internationalisation) each provide excellent programmes of training and support to enable research students to achieve their potential as leaders in industry, academia or third sector. The doctoral school brings together the best of that training to enable exceptional doctoral students to come together as an international community of practitioners who aspire to change the world through exceptional research.

    The host organisation York will provide accommodation and food. Travel costs to the summer school will be covered by the students’ home institution. Participating students must ensure that they have sufficient insurance coverage (health, liability), as these are not provided by the host and home university.

    Click here to see the this year's programme and here to see how doctoral candidates benefited from last year's summer school in Münster.

    Application documents

    1) Application Form
    2) Enrollment Certificate

    Please email your fully completed application form and the enrollment certificate by 14 April 2019 to Iva (events.gc@uni-muenster.de).

    The selection committee will have carefully reviewed all applications by 5 May 2019.

    We are grateful to our colleagues from International Office, whose involvement was essential in making the last year's and this year's summer school happen.

WWU Graduate Centre's programme

Academics are expected to have qualifications that go beyond the expertise in one's field and skilfulness in academic work. Project, time, and self management as well as leadership and communication skills are required in many professional areas. In cooperation with relevant institutions, the WWU Graduate Centre offers a tailored qualification programme with courses and workshops for all PhDs and postdocs. The programme is designed to meet the demands and needs of academic as well as non-academic career development.

Programme brochure SS2019

Registration here.

If you are not yet allowed to use the Dr. title and have registered for events for postdocs, please let us know (events.gc@uni-muenster.de).

Our trainers invest great effort in ensuring that events are participant-oriented. There is also a great demand among participants for our events and the waiting lists are long. Please register only for those events that you can really attend. If something prevents you from attending, please let us know three days in advance at the latest. Thank you for your understanding.

We send out Certificates of Attendance at the end of the semester. Thank you for your patience.