Current and former projects

  • STIBET Doktoranden (DAAD)

    The project STIBET Doktoranden - promoted by the DAAD and financed by the Federal Foreign Office enables the WWU Graduate Centre to provide comprehensive support structures for international doctoral candidates and postdocs.

    International doctoral candidates and postdocs are advised on issues related to the doctoral study, funding, residence permits, health insurance, enrolment and language courses by the project coordinator Sabine Schneider. Moreover, graduates from all over the world who are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree at Münster University may seek advice on doctoral study opportunities and application procedures.

    Apart from the individual consultations, the WWU Graduate Centre organises events, workshops and activities that are tailored according to the needs of internationals doctoral candidates and postdocs. Among these are welcome meetings, skill developing workshops in English, culture and leisure time activities as well as information events on residence permits.

    Since 2019 the WWU Graduate Centre offers degree completion grants for international doctoral candidates.

  • ERA Fellowship 2020

    Aiming to develop the science management and European networking between universities, the WWU participated in the 2020 ERA Fellowship Programme. Herefore Olga Pliszczyńska from the University Maria Curie-Skłowdowska in Lublin, Poland, participated as an EU-13 fellow in the Campus weeks in Bonn and Berlin in February and should then get to know various science management institutions of the WWU in form of shadowings. This included the WWU Graduate Centre, where she held a workshop on "Design Thinking" with the team in February. Further workshops in other institutions as well as the exchange of best practices in internationalization and science management were planned. In the long term cooperation and exchange forums should be created and strengthened through the personal as well as urban partnership between Münster and Lublin.

    Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the project had to be cancelled in March 2020.

    For more information on the programme, click here.

  • 2014–2019_IP@WWU - International PhD Study at the WWU (DAAD, BMBF)

    The fundamental objective of IP@WWU programme was to contribute to a greater internationalisation of doctoral study at WWU using goal-oriented measures, thus securing WWU's competitiveness against other universities. The project rested on pillars which demonstrated our commitment to sustainability and intent to increase the attractiveness of WWU by means of improved offers for the internationalisation of doctoral programmes. Creating information materials, establishing a network, developing a solid funding structure and long-term partnerships were all roads leading to sustainability. These measures drew on extensive experience gained from the WWU's smartNETWORK international IPID project (International PhD study in Germany).

    Details are available at the project website.