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Claudia Roesch, ehemals Mitglied des SFB "Kulturen des Entscheidens" an der WWU, publiziert ihr neues Buch:

Wunschkinder. Eine transnationale Geschichte der Familienplanung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Göttingen 2021.

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Neuerscheinung Band 6 der Buchreihe „Family Values and Social Change"

Jana Hoffmann, ehemals Doktorandin in der Emmy Noether Nachwuchsgruppe, publiziert ihre Dissertation:

Die Sexualisierung der Religion im 20. Jahrhundert. Diskurse um Sexualität, Familie und Geschlecht in der Methodistischen Kirche in den USA, Berlin/Boston 2021.

Erschienen bei De Gruyter

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Verena Limper, ehemals Postdoktorandin an der Professur, publiziert ihre Dissertation "Flaschenkinder".

Verena Limper: Flaschenkinder. Säuglingsernährung und Familienbeziehungen in Deutschland und Schweden im 20. Jahrhundert, Köln 2021.


"Family Values and Social Change"

Macho Men and Modern Women

Band 1: Claudia Roesch "Macho Men and Modern Women"

Claudia Roesch: Macho Men and Modern Women: Mexican Immigration, Social Experts and Changing Family Values in the 20th Century United States, Berlin/Boston 2015 (Diss. verteidigt 2014, Publikation Oktober 2015).

Erschienen bei De Gruyter

At the Heart of It All?
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Band 4: Anne Overbeck "At the Heart of It All?"

Anne Overbeck: At the Heart of It All? Discourses on the Reproductive Rights of African American Women in the 20th Century, Berlin/Boston 2019.

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Lady Astronatus, Lady Engineers, and Naked Ladies
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Band 5: Karin Hilck "Lady Astronatus, Lady Engineers and Naked Ladies"

Karin Hilck: Lady Astronauts, Lady Engineers, and Naked Ladies. Women and the American Space Community during the Cold War, 1960s-1980s, Berlin/Boston 2019.

Erschienen bei De Gruyter

Special Issue: Reproductive Decision-Making in Comparative Perspective

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Isabel Heinemann and Johanna Schoen (Ed.): "Reproductive Decision-Making in Comparative Perspective"

Journal of Modern European History, Volume 17 Issue 3, August 2019


Reproductive decision-making has been highly contested in Western countries and can thus serve as an illustration through which to trace changing norms, values, family concepts and gender roles. This special issue investigates public debates regarding legal abortion and women’s changing options for decision-making in the US, Germany, Sweden and Ireland as well as transnational abortion travels since the 1960s. After gaining the right to abortion, women have had to contend with a political and legislative backlash that has threatened to undermine access to abortion care. While women have not been perceived as responsible decision-makers, they have vigorously claimed the right to make their own reproductive decisions. The introduction to this special issue proposes a comparative approach to analyse the impact that political shifts since the 1960s have had on reproductive policies and women’s access to abortion. We follow the similarities and differences in national policies, legal frameworks, moral codes, and individual agency in different Western countries.

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