Web based SketchMapia Framework

Web-based SketchMapia interface is a framework for the qualitative alignment of spatial information from sketch maps with metric maps. SketchMapia aims at relaxing technical constraints to create, assemble, and disseminated spatial information freehand sketches provided by layperson. The system interprets input sketches, computes qualitative descriptions of the spatial configurations in both, the sketch and the metric maps, and determines potential alignments based on the qualitative descriptions. The web-interface integrates different components of SketchMapia projects such as (a). Object Recognition, (b). Qualitative Representation, (c). Qualitative Matching, and (d), Display aligned Objects. The web-interface will helps non-expert users of GIS to integrate information from sketch and metric maps into one data repository, which can be queried by users via a query-by-sketch interface.