External links to related applications:

  • Walking Papers
    This application aims to complete the coverage of Open Street Maps via sketch maps contributed by users.
  • Tender Maps
    This is a community mapping application which combines sketching with metric maps.

Links to related research groups and projects:

  • Qualitative Spatial Reasoning Group @ Northwestern (Prof. Ken Forbus)
    The qualitative spatial reasoning group works on sketch understanding and developed the software tool CogSketch.
  • SPIRIT (Spatially-Aware Information Retrieval on the Internet)
    SPIRIT is a research project aiming to develop an intelligent search engine for spatial information retrieval, here the spatial information can also be provided by a sketch map.
  • SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition
    SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition is an interdisciplinary transregional collaborative Research Center for Spatial Cognition. Projects under the Reasoning theme within the SFB/TR 8 initiative are interesting for research on representation of sketch maps.

Links to conferences and workshops related to the project's topic:

  • Spatial Cognition
  • GIScience
  • COSIT (Conference on Spatial Information Theory:
  • AGILE (Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe:
  • GbR (Representations in Pattern Recognition)
  • SBIM (International Symposium on Sketch-based Interfaces and Modelling)
  • KR (International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning)