Lab Equipment

Our lab has a professional computerized environment, especially equipped for experiments. We use E-Prime® 2.0 software by Psychology Software Tools to program and execute experiments. A Serial Response Box™ is used to measure reaction times with 0 millisecond debounce period.



1. Survey Tools


LimeSurvey is a online survey application written in PHP based on a MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQLdatabase, it is a free license software, distributed under the GNU General Public License. Users can manage LimeSurvery from a web-interface and can use rich-text in questions and messages, using a rich-text editor, and images and videos can be integrated in the survey. It enables users to develop and publish surveys, and collect responses, without doing any coding. Please visit LimeSurvey website for further information

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowd sourcing internet marketing place. It provides researchers and developers (or registers) a convenient and quick way to perform tasks related to human intelligence, which are not yet available to be processed by computers. Internet users (or workers, providers) can browse among various tasks and perform them and get paid by the registers. More information about Amazon mechanical Turk, check this Wiki link.

Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2

Adobe Products (of Adobe Acrobat fame) has created a program by which individuals can create fillable or dynamic forms. Forms created in Designer have the ability to be read on any computer which has the Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat on it. You can use Adobe Designer to make your own survey forms and questionnaires. For IfGI staff, please connect to survey scooter to download Adobe Acrobat X pro, which includes Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2.

2. Experiment Tools


ePrime is a software tool for presenting stimuli under precise timing and collecting reaction time and accuracy data for simple responses to the stimuli, especially useful for reaction time experiments or when events are presented rapidly, or when stimuli have a very brief duration. ePrime is license software install at SIL for cognitive experiments. To access and use ePrime for experiments, please contact SIL team. For further information please visit ePrime website.

3. Reasoning Tools

SparQ (R3-[Q-Shape] project- Bremen University)

SparQ is a toolbox for representing space and reasoning about space based on qualitative spatial relations. It is developed at the University of Bremen within the R3-[Q-Shape] project of the SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). SparQ is based on results from the qualitative spatial reasoning (QSR) community which consists of researchers from a various disciplines including computer science, AI, geography, philosophy, psychology, and linguistics. SparQ aims at making these qualitative spatial calculi and the developed reasoning techniques available in a single framework that is released under the GPL license for freely available software. We are using version 0.7.4 of SparQ (Click here to download sparq-0.7.4.tar.gz). For an up-to-date list of supported calculi and the newest version of the SparQ software and manual, please visit the project website.


GQR (Generic Qualitative Reasoner) is a "fast reasoner for binary qualitative constraint calculi". Currently GQR supports arbitrary binary qualitative constraint calculi, e.g. RCC family, OPRA family, cardinal direction calculi, intersection calculi as well as Allen's interval algebra. More information of GQR and its download, please check this link.

Reasoning using Web Browser

To test the reasoning interface with queries from your web-browse please visit the link given: Note: (for reasoning using web-browser, user will need to write queries in defined XML-structure).