Research Interests

  • Genealogies of World-Knowledge in Education
  • Discourse Analysis: Theory and Methods
  • Postcolonial France
  • Human-Environment Relations
  • Inter- and Transcultural Education

Regional Focus

  • France

Courses given

S Human-Environment Relations A
(Every semester since summer term 2016)


“Postcolonial Regimes of Space-Knowledge and School Education. The French Example” [„Postkoloniale Regime von Raum­Wissen und schulische Bildung am Beispiel Frankreich“]. Talk on Deutscher Kongress für Geographie, 2nd of October 2017 in Tübingen (forthcoming).

“Savoirs, territoires et représentations géographiques construits et (re-)produits par les institutions éducatives. Une interrogation des pratiques scientifiques et scolaires au prisme de la théorie postcoloniale”. Talk at Université Jean Moulin Lyon III within the research association (UMR) Environnement, Ville, Société (atelier 6), 22nd of September 2017.

“Postcoloniality in the Context of French School Books” [„Postkolonialität im Kontext französischer Schulbücher“]. Talk on the conference ‘New Cultural Geography XIV’, 27th of January 2017 in Bayreuth.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 06/2016 Research Assistant and PhD Student, Institute of Geography, University of Münster
10/2015-03/2016 Foreign Language Assistant for German as Foreign Language in France, Académie de Strasbourg
Student Assistant in the Working Group on Political and Social Geography
2009-2015 Studies of Geography, French and Education, University of Münster
M.Ed. Thesis:
Spatial Representations of (North-) Africa in French Schoolbooks. A Discourse Analysis Framed by Postcolonialism
B.A. Thesis:
Spatial Productions of the ‘Other’ Using the Example of the Banlieues in Marseille. A Postcolonial Analysis
2008-2009 German-French Voluntary Service in Ecology