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Nina Vaupotic

Research Training Group 1712 "Trust and Communication in a Digitized World"

Domplatz 6, Room 304
48143 Münster

Phone: +49 251 83-23683


  • Research Areas

    • Epistemic cognition
    • Scientific thinking
    • Trust in science
    • Public understanding of science
  • CV


    Doctoral candidate in the DFG Research Training Group 1712/2: Trust and Communication in a Digitized World, University of Münster
    Research internship at the Department of Personality and Assessment, University of Zürich
    Graduate study in Psychology (M.A.), University of Ljubljana
    Erasmus exchange semester at the University of Vienna
    Undergraduate study in Psychology (B.A.), University of Ljubljana


    Research assistant at the Institute for Psychology in Education, University of Münster
    Student assistantship at the Centre for Psychological Assessment, Ljubljana


    communicating.knowledge - Award for Science Communication 2019 - Münster University Society

    External functions

    Junior Researcher (JURE) at European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)
    Alumni at Junior Researcher Programme
  • Projects

    • GRK 1712 - RTG 1712 - Trust and Communication in a Digitized World ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Research Training Group | Project Number: GRK 1712
  • Publications

    • Vaupotič, Nina; Bucik, Valentin.Epistemic cognition of high school students and knowledge construction online.’ contributed to the International Conference on Conceptual Change, Klagenfurt, Austria, .

    Articles in Journals
    • Soyyilmaz D, Griffin M H, Kucharsky Š, Martín L M, Peycheva E D, Vaupotič N, Edelsbrunner P A. . ‘Formal and Informal Learning and First-Year Psychology Students’ Development of Scientific Thinking: A Two-Wave Panel study.’ Frontiers in Psychology 8. doi: DOI=10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00133s.
    Short Articles (Poster or Abstracts)
    • Edelsbrünner P A, Soyyılmaz D, Griffin L M, Hernández Martin M, Kucharsky Š, Peycheva E D, Vaupotič N.Scientific Thinking in Psychology Students: A two-wave panel study.’ contributed to the 6st Junior Researcher Programme Conference, Cambridge, .
  • Talks

    • Edelsbrunner, P. A.; Vaupotič, N.; Griffin, L. M.; Hernández Martin, M.; Kucharsky, Š.; Peycheva, E. D.; Soyyılmaz, D. (): ‘’. International Conference on Conceptual Change, Klagenfurt, Austria, .
    • Vaupotič, Nina; Kienhues, Dorothe; Jucks, Regina (): ‘’. 2nd PhD Summer School on Conceptual Change, Klagenfurt, Austria, .

    • Soyyılmaz, Demet; Griffin; Laura M.; Hernández, Miguel; Kucharský, Šimon; Peycheva, Ekaterina D.; Vaupotič, Nina; Edelsbrunner, Peter A. (): ‘Dare to Think Scientifically: Learning Experiences and Dispositions in Psychology Students’. Junior Researcher Programme Conference, Corpus Christi College Cambridge; Cambridge, United Kingdom, .

    • Wagner, Lisa; Vaupotic, Nina; Heekerens, Johannes; Ruch, Willibald (): „“. SWIPPA Fachtagung 2016, Psychologisches Institut, Zürich, Schweiz, .