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Charlotte Raue, M.SC.

Research Training Group 1712 "Trust and Communication in a Digitized World"

Domplatz 6, Room 306
48143 Münster

Phone: +49 251 83-23686


  • Research Areas

    • Trust, teamcognition in analog and digital teamsport
  • CV


    PHD student


    Sportpsychologist - Training & Coaching (asp)
  • Teaching

  • Projects

    • GRK 1712 - RTG 1712 - Trust and Communication in a Digitized World ( - )
      Third-party funding : DFG - Research Training Group | Project Number: GRK 1712
  • Publications

    • Leis, O., Raue, C., Dreiskämper, D., Lautenbach, F. . ‘To be or not to be (e)sports? That is not the question! Why and how sport and exercise psychology could research esports.’ German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research 2021.
    • Raue, C; Dreiskämper, D., Strauss, B. . ‘Do We Share the Same View? Validating the Shared Mental Models in Team Sports Questionnaire.’ Perceptual and Motor Skills 0. doi: https://doi.org/10.1177/0031512521990335.
    • Raue, C., Dreiskämper, D., Pauly., H., Strauss, D. . ‘Team trust in sport teams – methodological implications to advance this field.’ In Trust and Communication: Findings and Implications of Trust Research, edited by Blöbaum, Bernd, unklar.

    • Raue, C., Dreiskämper, D., Strauss, B. . ‘Do we agree on who is playing the ball? Developing a video-based measurement for Shared Mental Models in tennis doubles.’ PlosOne 15, No. 12. doi: https://doi.org/10.1371/journal. pone.0242783.

    • Meier, H.E. , Utesch, T., Raue, C., Uhlenbrock, C., Chababi, N., Strauss, B. . ‘Fan identification and national identity.’ Sport in Society 22, No. 3.

    • Brückner S, Raue C, Querfurth S. . ‘Wenn virtuelle Online-Welten reale Auswirkungen haben: Umgang mit Cyber-Mobbing im Sport.’ Contributed to the 50. Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sportpsychologie, Köln.
    • Raue, C, Dreiskämper, D, Strauß, B. . ‘Are my cognition equal to yours? A video-based measurement in tennis doubles.’ Contributed to the 50. Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sportpsychologie, Köln, Deutschland.
    • Raue, C, Querfurth, S, Brückner, S, Zito, M. . ‘How to effectively intervene with cyber-bullying in youth team sports.’ Contributed to the AASP 33nd Annual Conference, Toronto, Kanada.

    • Querfurth S, Staufenbiel K, Raue C, Strauß B. . ‘Sport-Psychological Counseling with Paralympic athletes - Results of a Qualitative Interview Study with German Sport Psychologists.’ Contributed to the AASP 32nd Annual Conference, Orlando, USA.
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    • Halberschmidt B, Dreiskämper D, Utesch T, Tietjens M, Staufenbiel K, Schücker L, Kolb M, Querfurth S Mentzel, S, Hill, A, Raue, C & Strauß, B (Hrsg.): . Spitzenleistungen und Sportpsychologie: Der Weg zu Olympia. 48. Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sportpsychologie (asp).