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In a world characterised by digitalization, the process of building trust through communication changes fundamentally. On the basis of this observation, the research programme analyzes the consequences of (digital) communications for building and maintaining trust. The researchers from the fields of communication studies, psychology, sport science, information systems and economics understand trust as a basic social mechanism produced by interpersonal, organizational and media communication.

By conducting empirical-analytical, methodical and theoretical research projects, the Research Training Group shall provide results for the field of trust research. The projects go beyond the realm of just one scientific discipline and thereby underline interdisciplinary aspects of the concept of trust.

Using the prototypical examples of media, economy, science and sports, junior researchers analyze questions of trust on three levels: individuals, organizations and the public sphere. This approach makes it possible to examine trust and communication under the circumstance of digitalization on a micro, meso and macro level. The scholars shall pay particular attention to overlaps among these levels.

The research programme is especially innovative due to two specific aspects: Firstly, the research provides findings that go beyond the scope of the individual disciplines. Secondly, the projects apply an interdisciplinary approach. Thus, the scientists shall close methodical, theoretical and empirical gaps.