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It is impossible to imagine a workplace today without a PC or laptop. Computers have become the tool of choice for practically every activity at work. Employees are expected to be familiar, if not proficient, with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook), and knowing how to use such software is regarded as basic job qualification. Our software training courses help staff build and expand their IT competence. Check out our training videos in this area.

Many WWU employees also need to know how to use Imperia, a web content management system (WCMS), with which the faculties and departments of the University update and maintain their respective websites. This editing software allows users to produce online content without special technical knowledge. Below you can find courses which not only introduce you to the inner workings of Imperia, but also encourage you to apply your knowledge in practice.

Another important software package for employees is SAP, an integrated ERP system, with which the University of Münster manages its personnel/organisational, financial and purchasing operations. You will find various SAP-related courses below, along with further information and helpful links on SAP.

Course overview

Training videos

University employees have access to numerous training videos via the LinkedIn Learning platform. For more information, click here.

We recommend the following courses:

Confluence (basic course: create, enter & administrate; maintaining an overview; communicating with team members)
Excel (e.g. Excel basic course, data analysis, diagrams, macros, special filters)
Outlook (e.g. Outlook basic course, Outlook for experts, time management, planning tasks)
PowerPoint (e.g. PowerPoint basic course, visualisation, tables, animations, diagrams)
Word (e.g. Word basic courses, Word for experts, forms, macros, serial letters)



The University of Münster has been working with the integrated ERP system by SAP since 1 April 2014. Since its initial launch, the software has been updated to such an extent that users often require additional training or refresher courses.  The professional training courses in this area are designed to help staff enhance and expand their knowledge according to their tasks and administrative rights.

To allow employees to refresh and acquire knowledge regardless of where and when they wish to participate (e.g. at the workplace), the following e-learning sequences, default recommendations and FAQs are available:
SAP applications
Invoice workflow

For more in-depth and current information on SAP applications, click the following links:
SAP applications
Invoice workflow