Research communication and research management

Lectures, interviews, newspaper reports and books that are understandable even for nonspecialist audiences: the conveying of his research results is something Prof Hubert Wolf really cares about. For this in 2004 the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) awarded him the Communicator Award - Science Award of the Donors' Association (Communicator-Preis - Wissenschaftspreis des Stifterverbandes). In our media review you will find a selection of press reports on the work of the department.

Dr Barbara Schüler, Jana Haack and Verena Bäumer are engaged in research communication at the Department of Medieval and Modern Church History. They are available for all enquiries from media representatives and other persons interested in Prof. Dr Hubert Wolf and the research of the Department of Medieval and Modern Church History. You can reach us directly by telephone on +49 251 83-26915 (or also, in urgent cases: +49 176 70093239) and at