Oberseminar zur Analysis

Veranstalter: Prof. Dr. Angela Stevens,   JProf. Dr. Caterina Zeppieri   Prof. Dr. Michael Herrmann  

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Zeit, Ort: Mi 9:00 bis 10:00, Raum SRZ 217, falls nicht anders angeküdigt

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15.11.2016Annika Bach WWU Second-order approximation of anisotropic free-discontinuity functionals
08.06.2016Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization in perforated domains III
01.06.2016Christoph Tenbrock WWU "Some aspects of modelling Planarian regeneration"
25.05.2016Björn Bringmann TU München Solution Paths of Polyhedral Regularizations
Joint work with Daniel Cremers, Felix Krahmer, and Michael Möller.
11.05.2016Annika Bach WWUnnika Bach (WWU) "Second order approximation of the anisotropic Mumford-Shah functional"
04.05.2016Prof. Dr. Martin Burger WWU Some open problems by MB
27.04.2016Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization in perforated domains II
20.04.2016Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization in perforated domains I
03.02.2016Dr. Jan Frederik Pietschmann WWU Price formation and data assimilation
27.01.2016Dr. Alessio Brancolini WWU Quantitative isoperimetric inequalities
20.01.2016Oskar Kärcher WWU Relaxation to equilibrium in the one-dimensional Cahn-Hilliard equation
13.01.2016Dominik Harbeke WWU On a nonlocal phase separation model
16.12.2015David Schulte WWU An abstract existence theorem for parabolic systems. Part II
09.12.2015David Schulte WWU An abstract existence theorem for parabolic systems. Part I
02.12.2015Gunnar Kaib WWU An attempt to deduce for segregation of species via dimensionality bounds
25.11.2015Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization in weakly connected domains
18.11.2015Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization of the poisson equation in a thick periodic junction
11.11.2015Gunnar Kaib WWU Uniqueness of connected radial stationary solutions of a nonlocal aggregation equation
04.11.2015Teresa Esposito WWU Homogenization of the Ambrosio-Tortorelli functional
28.10.2015Dr. Annibale Magni WWU Mean curvature motion of plane triple junctions
21.10.2015Christoph Tenbrock WWU Modelling Planarian Regeneration