WI-Projektseminar: Virtual Worlds and Game Development

am 22.06.2012 um 12:00h im Raum Leo 18

While the museum of Cultural History an Art, in Muenster is under reconstruction, the operator of the museum, the LWL (project partner), decided to construct a virtual Museum. Therefore we began, based on the game development platform Unity 3D and Jibe Toolkit to develop a virtual museum. Goal of the project is to, create new never seen innovative features und get a pioneer role in the German museum landscape. Issues of the project seminar team are to create and implement completely new features based on gamefication approaches,

Contact: http://www.wi.uni-muenster.de/kuk/, Tobias.Brockmann@uni-muenster.de social media or augmented reality. Also in the scope of the project seminar is the development of mobile a game application. The team, has a high degree of freedom, to transform their own ideas.

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