Motives in Geometric Representation Theory (ZOOM; Mittagsseminar zur Arithmetik)

Dienstag, 26.05.2020
Mathematik und Informatik

Categories of representations arising in Lie theory can often be modeled geometrically in terms of constructible sheaves on certain spaces, as for example on the flag variety, affine Grassmannian or the nilpotent cone. Recent developments in the theory of motives allow to consider so called "motivic sheaves", an algebro-geometric analogue of constructible sheaves. In this talk we will explain how one can practically work with motivic sheaves (using Grothendieck's six functor formalism) and apply them in representation theory. We will show how motivic sheaves can be used to model Category O associated to a reductive complex Lie algebra, modular Category O associated to a split reductive group over a finite field and categories of representations of convolution algebras, such as the graded affine Hecke algebra and KLR-algebras. We also will explain how more "exotic" versions of motivic sheaves provide exciting new opportunities in geometric representation theory.

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