Sam Evington (Oxford): Nuclear Dimension of Simple C*-Algebras and Extensions. Oberseminar C*-Algebren.

Dienstag, 03.12.2019 15:15 im Raum SRZ 214
Mathematik und Informatik

The nuclear dimension of a C*-algebra, introduced by Winter and Zacharias, is a non-commutative generalisation of the covering dimension of a topological space.
Whilst any non-negative integer or infinity can be realised as the nuclear dimension of some commutative C*-algebra, the nuclear dimension of a simple C*-algebra must be either 0,1 or infinity. This trichotomy is just one application of my joint work on the Toms--Winter Conjecture with Castillejos, Tikuisis, White, and Winter. In this talk, I will outline the results, their application to classification theory, and the new ideas at the heart of our work.
I will then discuss the recent developments on the nuclear dimension of extensions, including the work on the Cuntz--Toeplitz algebras undertaken during the Glasgow Summer Project 2019.

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