Karen Strung (Prag): Simple constructions from Hilbert C(X)-correspondences. Oberseminar C*-Algebren.

Dienstag, 12.11.2019 15:15 im Raum SRZ 216
Mathematik und Informatik

Given a Hilbert C*-correspondence over C(X), one can construct the associated Cuntz--Pimsner algebra. In the case that the correspondence is full, nonperiodic, and minimal, the resulting C*-algebra is simple and unital. An example of such a correspondence is obtained by taking the right Hilbert C(X)-module of continuous sections of a vector bundle over X and twisting the left multiplication by a minimal homeomorphism. As is the case of crossed products by minimal homeomorphisms, one can identify ``orbit-breaking" C*-subalgebras. In this talk I will discuss these Cuntz--Pimsner C*-algebras and their orbit-breaking subalgebras, their relationship to one another, and when they can be classified by Elliott invariants. This is joint work with Adamo, Archey, Forough, Georgescu, Jeong and Viola.

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