Anke Pietsch

Jingbo Wan (Columbia University, New York): Axially Symmetric Solution of the Teukolsky System in Very Slowly Rotating and Strongly Charged Sub-Extremal Kerr-Newman Spacetime / Oberseminar Topics in General Relativity

Tuesday, 16.07.2024 12:00 im Raum 503

Mathematik und Informatik

We establish boundedness and polynomial decay results for the Teukolsky system in the exterior spacetime of very slowly rotating and strongly charged sub-extremal Kerr-Newman black holes, with a focus on axially symmetric solutions. The key step in achieving these results is deriving a physical-space Morawetz estimate for the associated generalized Regge-Wheeler system, without relying on spherical harmonic decomposition. This is based on a joint work with Elena Giorgi.

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