Sandra Huppert

Oberseminar Differentialgeometrie: Anna Fino (Universität Turin), Vortrag: Strong G2-structures with torsion

Monday, 15.07.2024 16:00 im Raum SRZ 214

Mathematik und Informatik

A $7$-manifold with a $G_2$-structure $\varphi$ admits a $G_2$-connection with totally skew-symmetric torsion if and only if $d * \varphi = \theta \wedge * \varphi$, where $\theta$ is the Lee form of the $G_2$-structure. In the talk, I will present recent results on $7$-manifolds admitting a $G_2$-connection with closed totally skew-symmetric torsion. In particular, I will discuss the twisted $G_2$ equation, which represents the $G_2$-analogue of the twisted Calabi-Yau equation for $SU(n)$-structures introduced by Garcia-Fernández, Rubio, Shahbazi and Tipler. The talk is based on a joint work with Lucia Merchan and Alberto Raffero.

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