• Curriculum vitae


    • Since 2017:
      PhD studies in the Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics Group, Institute for Evolution and Bidoiversity, University of Münster, Germany
    • 2015 - 2017:
      PhD studies in International PhD Programme, Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Mainz, Germany
    • 2012 - 2015:
      MSc in Organismic, Evolutionary & Palaeo Biology, University of Bonn, Germany
      Thesis: Distribution and evolution of RNAi related genes in insects
    • 2011 - 2012:
      Higher Diploma in Business in Management, Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland
      Thesis: ‘Demographics of visitors to the National Museum of Ireland, Natural History’
    • 2007 - 2011:
      BA(mod) Natural Sciences (Zoology), Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
      Thesis: ‘Cross species comparison of embryonic limb morphogenesis: exploration of computational tools for 3D analysis’

    Work experience

    • 2015:
      Research Assistant (Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft), Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, Bonn, Germany
    • 2011 - 2012:
      Internship at National Museum of Ireland, Natural History
  • Research interests

  • Publications

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