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  • Lehre an der WWU Münster

    Lehre im Sommersemester 2018

    082890 Gender in (West-) Africa - Konzepte, Debatten und Praktiken
    Einzeltermin, 13.04.18, Fr 10-12, ULB 1
    Einzeltermin, 21.04.18, Sa 10-18, ULB 1
    Einzeltermin, 05.05.18, Sa 10-18, ULB 1
    Einzeltermin, 22.04.18, So 10-18, ULB 1
    Einzeltermin, 06.05.18, So 10-18, ULB 1

  • Curriculum Vitae

    After finishing my studies in Geography, Social and Cultural Anthropology and African Studies at the University of Cologne (2013), I started a PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology and have been a scholarship holder at the a.r.t.e.s. International Graduate School for the Humanities in Cologne. In my dissertational project - provisionally entitled Longing to Become – On Gendered Identities and Mobilities Between Senegal and China, supervised by Prof. Dorothea Schulz - I focus on the transnational dimensions of Senegalese female migrants’ socio-economic trajectories in the city of Guangzhou. Besides my PhD, I work as a trainer for intercultural skills for ESE e.V. (Ethnologie in Schule und Erwachsenenbildung) in Münster and have been interested in the intersection of art, anthropology and activism.

    Research Interests:
    Transnational migration and mobility, gender, intersectionality

  • Presentations

    2018: “Struggling to Become an Autonomous Wife”: Conflicting Notions of Womanhood among Senegalese Migrants in Guangzhou – Workshop Africa-China/China-Africa Mobilities in Cologne (01.02.2018)

    2016: "Leben in China - Zu Fragen der Integration von AfrikanerInnen in Guangzhou" - Chinesisch-deutsches Studententreffen in Bonn (04.03.2016)

    2015: "Conflicting Endeavors - On Photography and Anthropology in Xiaobei, Guangzhou" - Research Workshop: "Through the Looking Glass: Imagining China/Africa Relations through Commodity Aesthetics, Art Media, and Photography" in Göttingen (07.12.2015)

    2014: "La migration des femmes Ouest-africaines à Guangzhou (Chine): négociations de normes et pratiques de socialité dans un contexte transnational" - 3rd REAF, "Rencontres des Etudes Africaines en France" à Bordeaux (01.07.2014)