Gastvortrag: Education Policy in Brazil

Portrayal of the new public management

Prof. Dr. Selma Venco, tätig an der Universität Campinas in Brasilien, ist im Januar zu Gast am IfE. Am 19.01.2016 hält sie einen Gastvortrag zum Erziehungswesen ihres Heimatlandes. Der englischsprachige Vortrag beginnt um 18 Uhr in Raum C 313 und ist offen für alle Mitglieder des Instituts, sowie Interessierte und Studierende.


Education policy in Brazil is highly decentralized, delegating to the states and cities autonomy to the fulfilment of the legal decisions adopted at the national level. In 1995, the educational reform showed many characteristics of New Public Management, as proposed by the administration of Margaret Thatcher, which incorporated a distinct business logic to the public sector. The state of São Paulo, focus of our research, has been an important social laboratory for its implementation. In this sense, we observe the reorganization of practices in education and, outsourcing of services and teachers, which points to a strong flexibilization of labor relations.

About the author

Selma Venco graduated in Social Sciences from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (1982); she holds Master's Degree (1999) and a Doctoral Degree in Education from Universidade Estadual de Campinas (2006) as well as a Postdoctoral Degree in Labour Sociology from the Laboratoire Genre, Travail et Mobilités in France (2008). Dr. Venco is currently Professor of Education at the Department of Education of the State University Campinas. Sociological perspectives applied to education, public policy, teaching profession, working conditions, and work organisation inspire her teaching and research.