10th Mouse Imaging Academy (MIA)

11-15 November 2019 | University of Münster


Our Mouse Imaging Academy introduces you into a broad spectrum of dedicated imaging technologies …
© EIMI/J.-M. Tronquet
  • … including μPET/μSPECT, μCT and μMRT …
    © EIMI/P. Leßmann
  • … as well as mouse ultrasound imaging, …
    © EIMI/P. Leßmann
  • … and optical imaging.
    © EIMI/J.-M. Tronquet
  • A special emphasis is on specific in-depth hands-on training sessions with a maximum of four participants.
    © EIMI/J.-M. Tronquet
  • Each participant will work with animal models …
    © EIMI/J.-M. Tronquet
  • … and apply various imaging modalities.
    © EIMI
  • Furthermore, participants will analyse imaging data …
    © EIMI/P. Leßmann
  • … at our training and demonstration facility, the VisualLab.
    © EIMI/P. Leßmann
  • Exploring multimodal image data sets includes methods, coregistration and quantification.
    © EIMI/P. Leßmann

Our interdisciplinary team invites you to join our annual training course on state-of-the-art imaging of mice. Individuals with experience in small animal imaging as well as beginners are welcome to join our workshop.

CME credit points will be applied for from the Medical Association.

  • Topics & Schedule

    • Animal handling: i.v./i.p. injection, tail vein catheter, anaesthesia, surgery
    • PET/SPECT: static and dynamic scanning, CT fusion
    • CT: in vivo scans +/- contrast agents, respiratory gating
    • MRI: in vivo scans +/- contrast agents, cardiac & respiratory gating
    • Ultrasound: hands-on scanning +/- contrast agents
    • Optical imaging: fluorescence, bioluminescence, photoacoustic
    • Multimodal Imaging: PET/CT, PET/MRI, SPECT/CT
    • Image analysis: methods, coregistration, quantification

    Please note: Large portions of the workshop are held in radiation and/or S1/S2 gene technology safety areas where access for pregnant women is not permitted!

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Welcome & instructions
    Lecture: Introduction & animal handling
    VisualLab: basics
    VisualLab: advanced
    VisualLab: MRI
    VisualLab: PET
    Lecture: MRI
    Lecture: Physics & tracer chemistry
    Lecture: Optical imaging
    Lecture: PET/SPECT
    Summary & evaluation
    Hands-on: Ultrasound
    Hands-on: Surgery
    Hands-on: MRI
    Hands-on: PET
    Lab tour: Radiochemistry (optional)
    Hands-on: Photoacoustic imaging
    Social event

    Schedule (example for one group). We reserve the right to make changes.

  • Registration

    Registration Fee

    Early bird rate
    (until 30 Sept. 2019)
    Regular rate
    Students EUR 850,– EUR 1050,–
    Regular attendees
    (Academic institutes)
    EUR 1100,– EUR 1300,–
    Companies EUR 1700,– EUR 1900,–

    The package includes:

    • handout material
    • all cost for tracers, contrast agents, animals etc. needed during the workshop
    • lunch on all workshop days
    • social event

    Discounts & Payment

    Members of the German Association for Nuclear Medicine (DGN) and menbers of ESMI receive a 50 € discount. Please provide your DGN / ESMI member number when registering. Upon registration you receive an invoice which is payable within two weeks.

    Cancellation Fees

    until 30 September 2019: EUR 50,–
    until 09 October 2019: EUR 250,–
    after 09 October 2019: full registration rate

  • Accomodation & Locations

    We will arrange room contingents in nearby hotels. For further information, please contact us via phone or e-mail!

    The workshop takes place at locations and laboratories that are in close proximity.

    MIA laboratories and seminar rooms on Google Maps (Please take note of the privacy statement by Google.)