News from the Foreigners' Registration Office

Changed procedures due to the current situation

At present, the Foreigners' Registration Office is not available in person, but only by e-mail, post or telephone (0251 4923636). All appointments that were already booked for the next days/weeks will be cancelled. Those whose appointments have been cancelled will be informed by the Foreigners' Registration Office. They will usually receive by post a document called Fiktionsbescheinigung. This means that the residence permit is still valid with the same rights (such as jobbing).

Further information from the Ausländerbehörde Münster

If you have an appointment with the Foreigners' Registration Office in the near future, but are in your home country because of the current situation, please inform the Foreigners' Registration Office ( !

Students who begin their studies at WWU in this semester and are still in their home country should contact their respective German embassy.

If you have further questions, please contact Ms. Beckmann-Wewer (

Visa - changes regarding the proof of financial means

Please note: The monthly amount required as proof of financial guarantees for getting a visa/residence permit has been raised to 853 €, starting with winter semester 2019/20. The amount will be raised to 861 €, starting with winter semester 2020/21.

Further information on applying for or extending your residence permit

If ever you face problems extending your residence permit, please make use of our consultation offers!

Visa - Important information for first-semester students

If you have to apply for a residence permit following your arrival in Germany, please sign up for an appointment online [de] right now!  Most international students have to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of doctorate/university study (§16 Residence Act). Appointments are available from Monday to Friday, 8 am – 12 pm.

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Students who could not yet enter Germany due to the current situation should contact their respective German embassy.