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Positions for 12 Early Stage Researchers (ESR: PhD Studentships) and 2 Experienced researchers (ER: Post-doctoral) available in the Marie Curie Initial Training Network, Delta-Min

The research themes of Δ-MIN relate to the mechanisms of mineral reequilibration (phase transformation) in the presence of a fluid phase and will be investigated in a wide range of minerals and rocks, under a range of chemical and physical conditions, using both natural and experimental samples. The principles of interfacecoupled dissolution-reprecipitation will be applied to investigate the mechanisms of processes important in earth sciences and in industry, including metasomatic reactions in rocks, chemical weathering, mineral replacement mechanisms in CO2 sequestration, the aqueous durability of nuclear waste materials, remediation of contaminated water by mineral reaction, and the preservation of stone-based cultural heritage. The research methods bring together a range of complementary expertise, from field-related studies to nano-scale investigations of reaction interfaces using state of-the-art high resolution analytical methods. The application of fundamental principles of mineral reequilibration to a wide range of applications, together with industrial involvement at all levels will ensure that the project provides a strong platform for training.

The Partners in Δ-MIN:

University of Münster,
Andrew Putnis (co-ordinator)
CNRS/Université Paul
Sabatier, Toulouse,
Eric Oelkers
University of Iceland,
Reykjavik, Iceland
Natural History Museum
London, UK
PGP, University of Oslo,
University of Granada,
Carlos Rodriguez Navarro
Carlos Rodriguez Navarro
FORTH, University of Patras, GreecePetros
Stockholm University, SwedenSandra
Amphos XXI Consulting, Barcelona, SpainLara

Associated Partners in Δ-MIN:  SKB Sweden ( Lars Werme); Reykjavik Energy (Einar Gunnlaugsson); IFE Norway (Anne-Ingrid Munz); GEM Consulting (David Ettner)

Project Manager: Claudia Meyer (

Applicants for these Marie Curie Fellowships at ESR or ER level may apply directly to the Coordinator, Andrew Putnis, or to any of the named team leaders above. For a detailed description of the individual research projects, click here.

The eligibility requirements for EU Marie Curie Fellowships are that researchers must be nationals of a Member State, Associated country or third country other than the country of the host organisation where they will carry out the project, and also that researchers must not have resided in the country of their host organisation for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to date of selection by the host institution.


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