Susanne Weber
Final PhD-address: University of Münster
Center for Molecular Biology of Inflammation (ZMBE)
Institute for Molecular Virology/Medical Biochemistry
Von-Esmarch-Straße 56
D-48149 Münster
Tel: + 49 251 83 - 52221


  • from Cologne, Germany
  • joined the CiM-IMPRS Graduate School in 2009, finished in 2013
  • MSc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany

Research project

The role of the cell cycle in Human Papilloma Virus type 16 entry
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mario Schelhaas


Aydin I, Weber S, Snijder B, Samperio Ventayol P, Kuhbacher A, Becker M, Day PM, Schiller JT, Kann M, Pelkmans L, Helenius A, Schelhaas M (2014). Large Scale RNAi Reveals the Requirement of Nuclear Envelope Breakdown for Nuclear Import of Human Papillomaviruses. PLoS Pathog 2014;10: e1004162.