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Janus nanodiscs with narrow size distribution

Janus nanoparticles have two faces with different physical properties and require special synthesic methods. ABC triblock terpolymers are intrinsically asymmetric and therefore ideally suited to form polymeric Janus nanoparticles. Combining microphase separation with SPG membrane emulsification ultimately yielded Janus nanodiscs with controllable size, as verified with SEM, AFM and TEM image analysis. SPG membranes with different pore sizes of 0.3µm, 0.8µm, and 2.0µm controlled the average disc diameter to around 0.19, 0.41 und 1.13 µm, while fixing the thickness to 55nm-60nm. We are currently studying these nanodiscs for their nanomechanical properties, diffusion behaviour and interfacial properties.


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