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    Research Project

    Polymer Materials for Energy Storage

    The demand for electrochemical energy storage solutions has increased rapidly in recent years - and a trend reversal is not in sight. In this project, the application of mesoporous gyroidal carbon (carbonized cubosomes) as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries will be tested. These will be fabricated by bottom-up self-assembly of asymmetric block copolymers. Combining mechanical stability, electrical conductivity, and high surface area, these structures have tremendous potential for realizing a new, high-performance generation of lithium-ion batteries, also known as all-solid-state lithium metal battery.


  • Education

    PhD Student - University of Münster
    Master of Chemistry - University of Münster
    Internship - BYK Chemie GmbH
    Research Assistent - Fraunhofer IFAM
    Bachelor of Chemistry - University of Bremen