Polymer materials for batteries

Types of lithion-metal batteries for which we design polymer materials
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We are part of the International Research School BACCARA: Battery Chemistry, Characterization, Analysis, Recycling and Application. Bärbel, Elina, and Marcel currently investigate novel components for lithium-metal batteries with special focus on conductive polymer additives, structured solid polymer electrolytes and hybrids. Polymer architectures such as block copolymers could play a special role, as they form complex 3D nanostructures and, with the right chemistry, are suitable as ion-conductive separators in liquid, polymer and solid electrolyte batteries, as well as conductive carbon additives with a regular 3D structure and a high interface.

  • Ongoing projects

    High surface area carbon TPMs for solid state lithium-sulphur batteries

    Hybrid catholytes for solid state batteries

    Structured solid polymer electrolytes