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Research Profile
Modifications on the RNA level are deciding factors to control gene expression. Perturbations affect cellular homeostasis, e.g. by altering translation efficiency, mRNA stability etc., and can therefore lead to disease. Our research focuses on methods to analyze and ultimately control RNA modifications in a sequence-specific manner.

ERC Grant RNActivate    
Chemo-enzymatic manipulation
of eukaryotic cells
  Non-natural amino acids
for probing RNA methylation
sites in vitro and in cells
Development of sequence-specific
RNA binding proteins
  Investigating mRNA modifications
in Zebrafish

General publication list

Group members

If you are interested in a PhD position please contact
Prof. Dr. Andrea Rentmeister
Institut für Biochemie
WWU Münster
Wilhelm-Klemm-Strasse 2
D-48149 Münster
e-mail: a.rentmeister@uni-muenster.de



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