Methods and apperatuses:
Under normal circumstances we use an ordinary Schlenkline to handle O2 and H2O sensible reactants
one of our gloveboxes
running with Argon.
Our Infrared spectrometer and...
... mass spectrometer are attached to the high-vacuum line.
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common technique:
As our standard reactants are sensitive to hydrolysis, we use Schlenklines which are evacuated up to 1·10-3 mbar. As inertgas argon or nitrogen are in use.
chemistry with Si and Sn:
Some of our reactants or products are very volatile (e.g. b.p. of F3CBr -56°C) so we need to work in a vacuum-line or modified Stockapperatuses.
Crystal structure/ X-Ray
For meassurements we need either single crystals which are fixed directly onto the goniometerhead of X-Ray diffratometers or we have to grow a single crystal from low-melting liquids by application of in-situ techniques.
Gas-Phase Electron-Diffraction
For experimental determination of molecular structures in gas phase we have taken over a 'Balzers Eldigraph KD-G2' (one from two still existing ones). Currently we are engaged in overhauling, improving and testing the apparatus.
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