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CiM-Funded Research Projects

Since funding began for the Cluster of Excellence, CiM scientists have developed and put into practice many interesting research ideas which span the entire spectrum of CiM research areas.

Since 2012, CiM has awarded a total of approximately 9.2 million euros for 90 innovative research projects. As research with a future needs to create new perspectives, one of the most important criteria for funding is collaboration between scientists from different disciplines and from different faculties.

Flexible Funds Projects

The Cluster of Excellence awards funding for innovative, interdisciplinary research projects for up to three years to CiM group leaders and independent junior researchers.

Pilot Projects

PhD students and postdocs from CiM groups can apply for start-up financing for their own first research projects – and at the same time practice how to apply for research funding.

Deadlines: 31 March, 30 September

  • Funded Pilot Projects
  • Career story: 50,000 euros for junior researchers –funds five innovative projects by young scientists
  • Career story: Lots of fresh ideas – physicist Robert Meißner and biologist Wade Sugden received funding for a pilot project