Intravital microscopy of neutrophil extravasation into the peritoneum

In laminin a4 knockout mice, neutrophils (in red) are restricted to the lumens of postcapillary vessels (yellow dashed line) except at HEVs (inside white dashed line).
© Konrad Buscher, Jian Song, Benedikt Wirth

Principal investigators: Konrad Buscher, Jian Song, Benedikt Wirth
Project time: 07/2014 - 06/2016
Project code: FF-2014-07

During inflammation, leukocytes exit the circulatory system into inflamed tissues mostly at postcapillary venules. Their ability to cross the endothelium and the basement membrane of the blood vessels during extravasation depends on the local biochemical and structural composition of the vessels. We will eamine the role of specialized 'high-endothelial venules' (HEVs) and their biochemical structure for the extravasation of neutrophils into the inflamed peritoneum, combining intravital microscopy videos from mice with structural analysis of excised tissue via confocal and electron microscopy. Mathematical image processing tools will allow to merge the information about cell extravasation from the videos with the structural information from confocal and electron microscopy, which will provide insights into how peritoneal HEVs function as exit routes for neutrophils.