Visualization of proteins in zebrafish using incorporation of unnatural amino acids

Vasculature of a 3 day old zebrafisch embryo labeled by transgenic GFP expression in green, red blood cells labeled in red
© Wiebke Herzog

Principal investigator: Wiebke Herzog
Project time: 07/2013 - 06/2015
Project code: FF-2013-14

For analysis of the regulation of vascular development, we are trying to establish a new method for protein visualization. Therefore we use a site specific introduction of an amber stop codon into the gene sequence in combination with amber suppressor tRNA’s, allowing for incorporation and detection of (modified) unnatural amino acids. Zebrafish provide a unique advantage, since ubiquitous expression of the necessary components (tRNA and tRNA-synthetase) can be achieved by mRNA injection. Additionally there are many mutant zebrafish, with existing amber stop codon mutations within the coding sequence.