CiM Boards and Committees

Different committees constitute the forums for the development of visions for the future, the definition of global scientific aims, the development of training measures for junior researchers and funding awards.

Coordinating Board

The coordinating board represents the partners in the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence and is responsible for the overall management. Its specific tasks and duties include all administrative, legal, financial and organisational aspects in the project.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the forum for strategy review and decision-making. It is composed of the Coordinating Board and two delegates each from the Scientific and Educational Steering Committee.

Scientific Steering Committee

Together with the Executive Board the Scientific Steering Committee is responsible for the development of future visions and the definition of global scientific aims. It is also involved in budget planning and evaluates the proposals for equipment and flexible funds through competitive procedures. The board is composed of the research area coordinators and their deputies.

Educational Steering Committee

Together with the Executive Board the Educational Steering Committee is responsible for all issues of the CiM training programmes for young researchers including selection of participants, allocation of funds. The committee consists of the coordinators and elected representatives from the different programmes.

Gender Committee

The Gender & Diversity Committee supports CiM researchers by focussing on three main aims: to improve the integration of family life with their scientific career, to foster female scientists in their career planning, and to equip them with professional skills in presentation and management.

External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board counsels the cluster strategically and is an important element guaranteeing ongoing quality control in CiM. It is composed of nine distinguished scientists with expert knowledge in CiM's research areas.