Projects & Labs

Kerstin Bartscherer
Mechanisms of stem cell-based regeneration in planarians

Milos Galic
Investigating the Role of Nanoscale Membrane Deformations for Cell Shape Changes and Migration

Sebastian Leidel
The RNA modification landscapes in Vertebrates

Karin Loser
Immune regulation during skin inflammation

Stefan Luschnig
Dynamics of tricellular junctions in epithelial tissues of Drosophila

Maja Matis
Analyzing the role of microtubule patterning during drosophila wing development

Andreas Püschel
Developing new tools to image neuronal polarity and migration

Andrea Rentmeister
A chemo-enzymatic approach to visualize RNA in cells

Arndt Siekmann
Analysis of signaling pathways involved in blood vessel formation

Angela Stevens
Mathematical modeling and/or simulation of developmental processes

Timo Struenker
Chemosensory signal transduction in sperm

Juanma Vaquerizas
Genomic analysis of transcriptional regulation during differentiation

Roland Wedlich-Söldner
Calcium mediated actin reorganization in inflammation

Alexander Zarbock
Molecular mechanisms of interim activation and leukocyte recruitment