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Cells in Motion Highlights Symposium 2019

Our scientists presented their innovative approaches and exciting research findings in the interdisciplinary field of cell dynamics and imaging. In the following ceremonial programme, members and longstanding supporters of our Cluster shared their personal "Cells in Motion moments" and introduced the new directions for the future.

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Interdisciplinary Graduate School Meeting

The students of the CiM-IMPRS Graduate School organise an interdisciplinary meeting every year. The programme includes a variety of talks and poster presentations covering the fields of biology, chemistry, biophysics, mathematics and computational science.

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Skills Workshops

The Careers in Motion Centre offers skills workshops to junior scientists working in CiM labs. Workshops of the CiM Academy or the CiM Gender Committee focus on a variety of subjects like project management and networking.

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CiM Flexible Funds Symposium

Project teams of the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence report about their scientific findings and apply for a project funding at the annual CiM Flexible Funds Symposium. The projects funded by CiM combine excellent scientific expertise across traditional faculty borders and/or strengthen the translational approach of the cluster.

Past years:

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CiM Workshops

The CiM workshops adress groups within the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence that are interested in a particular field. Short talks given by experts from the cluster and from outside are added by time for discussion and exchange of knowledge and ideas. The workshops also aim to foster collaborations within the cluster.