Wednesday, 24.04.2019

09:00 Registration
11:30 Lunch
12:15 Opening remarks

Morphogenesis session

12:30 Keynote: Phase segregation of ooplasm and yolk granules in zebrafish oocytes is mediated
by periodic bulk actin polymerization waves
Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, Klosterneuburg/Austria
13:30 Imaging How Cells Choose their Fate, Shape and Position to Form the
Mammalian Embryo
Nicolas Plachta, Singapore
14:10 Coffee break

Morphogenesis session

14:40 Connections for vision
Iris Salecker, London/UK
15:20 Investigating neuronal cell fate in vivo in the developing vertebrate retina
Leanne Godinho, Munich/Germany

Poster session

16:00 Students will present their projects in form of posters.

Chemistry session

17:00 DNA origami tools to explore biological processes
Barbara Sacca, Essen/Germany

Evening Program

18:45 Dinner and city tour

Thursday, 25.04.2019

Cell biology session

9:00 Frank Edenhofer, Innsbruck/Austria
9:40 Binding of surface-associated antigen causes plasma membrane wounding
and repair in B lymphocytes, a process that promotes BCR activation
Norma Andrews, College Park/USA
10:20 The Impact of organelle size control on a physiological function: Weibel-Palade Bodies and
Daniel Cutler, London/UK
11:00 Coffee break

Cell biology session

11:30 Information content of intracellular patterns
Wu Min, Singapore
12:10 Molecular control of actomyosin contractility and morphogenesis in epithelia
Andreas Wodarz, Cologne/Germany
12:50 Lunch

Cell dynamics session

13:50 The conserved Myosin 1D controls multiscale chirality in Drosophila
Stephane Noselli, Nice/France
14:30 Leukocyte transendothelial migration: the endothelium in control
Jaap van Buul, Amsterdam/Netherlands
15:10 Dynamics and mechanics of collective cancer cell migration
Andrew Clark, Paris/France
15:50 Coffee break

Cell dynamics & biophysics session

16:20 Keynote: Mechanosensing Depletion Drives Regeneration and Cancer
Michael Sheetz, Singapore
17:20 Mechanosensitivity and microtubule-dependent regulation of integrin-mediated adhesions
Alexander D. Bershadsky, Singapore
18:00 Reconstitution of the steady state of dynamic actin networks
Laurent Blanchoin, Grenoble/France
18:40 Physics of epithelial flows and folds
Guillaume Salbreux, London/UK

Evening Program

20:15 Social event

Friday, 26.04.2019

Chemistry session

8:20 Regulation of lipid droplet - endoplasmic reticulum membrane contacts by seipin
Elina Ikonen, Helsinki/Finland

Genomics session

9:00 Mass spectrometry for cell signaling: from global maps to new biological insights
Chuna Ram Choudhary, Copenhagen/Denmark
9:40 Christoph Lippert, Berlin/Germany
10:20 Keynote: Tracing genomic regulatory programs at single-cell resolution
Stein Aerts, Leuven/Belgium

Poster session

11:20 Students will present their projects in form of posters.

Young investigator's session

12:20 Simulating the binding of Pioneer Transcription Factors to the nucleosome
Jan Huertas, University of Münster/Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine
12:40 Cell surface functionality is triggered by endolysosomal calcium release
Nicole Heitzig, University of Münster/Institute of Medical Biochemistry
13:00 Endothelial Basement Membrane Laminins Affect Shear Response in Resistance Arteries by Modulating Communication between Endothelium and Smooth Muscle
Anna-Liisa Luik, University of Münster/Institute for Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry
13:20 Novel routes to holey (carbon) support films
Philipp Selenschik, University of Münster/Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics

Closing ceremony

13:40 Closing remarks and poster awards
13:50 Lunch