Flexible Funds Projects

The Cluster of Excellence awards funding for innovative, interdisciplinary research projects for up to three years to CiM group leaders and independent junior researchers.

Lectures & Symposia

In the weekly “Pioneers in Cell Dynamics and Imaging” lecture series as well as at symposiums, international guests and scientists from the Cluster of Excellence present their most recent scientific advances in basic and translational research. Suggestions for future speakers are welcome and can be submitted via e-mail.

Seminars of the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (DHV) for Female Researchers

Female junior professors, junior group leaders and researchers with at least two years of postdoctoral experience from CiM labs can apply for funding to attend seminars of the DHV (Deutscher Hochschulverband) to foster the development of their academic careers.

Advanced Technical Training for Non-Scientific Staff

The Cluster of Excellence supports non-scientific staff from CiM labs to attend hands-on workshops and specialized training courses that are essential for central CiM technologies. CiM provides financial support for travel costs and registration fees.


CiM collaborates with the pme Family Service to offer childcare in emergency cases to CiM lab members in the pme back-up facility at the Friesenring in Münster or at home. Furthermore, CiM supports participation at the pme holiday programme (additional payment can be required). Before making use of the service, interested persons must first register. Afterwards, the service can be easily accessed through the online platform.

CiM labs can request funding for childcare during retreats. Please send your request via e-mail, including information about the time and location of the retreat, number and age of the travelling children and the costs for childcare.

Additionally, CiM offers childcare during the weekly lecture series upon request.


Pregnant scientists from CiM labs as well as female and male scientists with young children can request funding to cover support by a student assistant (SHK) temporarily.

Support for Visiting Researchers

CiM supports visits by external researchers to CiM labs. The duration of the stays should be at least seven days and the visitors are expected to give a seminar or to be available for discussions with junior researchers. CiM lab members can apply for these funds continuously by sending an e-mail including the name and research institution of the visitor, expected length of the stay and a short description of the research project the visitor will contribute to.