Pilot Projects

PhD students and postdocs from CiM groups can apply for start-up financing for their own first research projects – and at the same time practice how to apply for research funding.

Deadlines: 31 March, 30 September

  • Funded Pilot Projects
  • Career story: 50,000 euros for junior researchers –funds five innovative projects by young scientists
  • Career story: Lots of fresh ideas – physicist Robert Meißner and biologist Wade Sugden received funding for a pilot project

CiM-IMPRS Graduate School

© CiM-IMPRS/Sylvia Krüger

CiM-IMPRS combines the Cells-in-Motion (CiM) PhD programme and the International Max-Planck Research School (IMPRS) run by the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine. Graduates of the biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, computer sciences and physics receive a structured training in life sciences and natural sciences, with focus on the use of different imaging technologies to address biological or biomedical questions. In addition to the excellent scientific training, the Graduate School provides numerous opportunities for students to gain additional qualifications, such as skills in project management, presentation and communication. The program is usually open for new applications in the spring.

Bridging Positions – From Graduation to Postdoctoral Training

CiM helps those who have just received their doctorates to bridge the time between finishing a PhD thesis and starting a postdoctoral position or their first professional position outside academia. This bridging finance allows new doctoral graduates to complete scientific publications. Together with their group leaders, PhD students from CiM labs can apply for 65% positions (E13) for up to six months.

Please note: Applications for CiM Bridging Positions will only be accepted until 30.06.2018. Presently funding can only be guaranteed until December 2018.

Train-Gain Fellowships for External Research Stays

The Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence supports junior researchers from CiM labs to spend a period of up to six months in an external institution in Germany or abroad to learn new methods and techniques that are relevant for CiM research. Funding is available for lab visits and workshops or practical training courses. If needed, applicants can request additional family support. PhD students, postdocs and junior group leaders who are working in a CiM lab can apply.

Please note: At the moment, applications for CiM Train-Gain Fellowships are not possible!

Brown-Bag Lunch

© WWU - Peter Grewer

Junior researchers present their work to an interdisciplinary audience in a friendly atmosphere – while having lunch served in a 'brown-bag'. They have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, build up a professional network and develop ideas for joint projects.

Lectures & Symposia

In the weekly “Pioneers in Cell Dynamics and Imaging” lecture series as well as at symposiums, international guests and scientists from the Cluster of Excellence present their most recent scientific advances in basic and translational research. Suggestions for future speakers are welcome and can be submitted via e-mail.

Skills Workshops

Skills workshops offer opportunities to train competencies like self-management, negotiation techniques or scientific writing. Among others, these workshops are organised by the Young Academy or in the context of the gender equality measures of the Cluster of Excellence.

Travel Grants for Female Researchers to Actively Participate in Scientific Conferences

With the aim to improve presentation and networking skills of the Cluster's female junior scientists, CiM offers travel grants of up to 1000 euros for recipients to actively participate in scientific conferences. Additionally, applicants can request family support.

Please note: At the moment, applications for CiM Travel Grants are not possible!

  • Application template (deadlines: 15 January, 15 April, 15 July and 15 October)
  • Career story: Travel grant provides ticket to international conference – junior scientist Yvonne Padberg received a prize for the best talk in Ventura, in the USA


CiM collaborates with the pme Family Service to offer childcare in emergency cases to CiM lab members in the pme back-up facility at the Friesenring in Münster or at home. Furthermore, CiM supports participation at the pme holiday programme (additional payment can be required). Before making use of the service, interested persons must first register. Afterwards, the service can be easily accessed through the online platform.

CiM labs can request funding for childcare during retreats. Please send your request via e-mail, including information about the time and location of the retreat, number and age of the travelling children and the costs for childcare.

Additionally, CiM offers childcare during the weekly lecture series upon request.


Pregnant scientists from CiM labs as well as female and male scientists with young children can request funding to cover support by a student assistant (SHK) temporarily.

Please note: At the moment, applications for CiM LabAids are not possible!

“Women in Science” Network

© Women in Science

Women in Science (WiS) is a network of female PhD students from CiM labs. WiS invites renowned female scientists from across the globe to Münster. Invited scientists present their work within the “Pioneers in Cell Dynamics and Imaging” lecture series, and the network organises informal exchanges with the speakers to get insight into some of the prevalent challenges, discuss career decisions and offer guidance, especially for female scientists in-the-making. WiS encourages students from different disciplines to participate, growing the team further. Regular meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month.