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Complexity Meets Energy

Münster 05. - 06.03.2014

The resilient and sustainable energy supply is one of the main
future challenges for science and technology. Especially the integration
of renewable energy sources  accompanied by grid decentralization and
fluctuating power feed-in from wind and solar power generation raises
novel challenges for power system stability and design.

In this context the energy system can be regarded as complex system
consisting of a large number of nonlinear interacting parts showing
typical features of a complex system like self-organization,
instabilities and fluctuations. This raises the question: Can knowledge
from nonlinear dynamics, the theory of complex systems, statistical
physics and similar scientific fields contribute to a better
understanding and optimization of the energy system?

During the workshop experts from different scientific disciplines try to
answer this question. Participants will have the
opportunity to contribute posters

Deadline for registration is February 14

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