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A short Course on Causal Inference

Correlation is not Causation! But how can we find answers to questions like "How effective is a given treatment in preventing a disease"  or "Did global warming cause this heat wave" based on available data? The scientific field of causal inference gives us tools to tackle these kind of questions. In this short course we will give a first introduction to causal thinking and its applications to problems from different scientific disciplines.

  • Date  & Room

    Tue. 27.10.2020 and Wed. 28.09.2020 in room  KP/TP 304

    The lecture starts at 10 am

  • Contents and Literature


    • Graphical Models
    • do-Calculus
    • Interventions
    • Counterfactuals
    • Applications


    • The Book of Why, J. Pearl, D. Mackenzi, Basic Books 2018
    • Causal Inference in Statistics, J.Pearl, M. Glymour, N.P. Jewell, Wiley 2016