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Oliver Kamps


  • O. Kamps, M. Wilczek, R. Friedrich, Lagrangian Acceleration Statistics in 2D and 3D turbulence, Progress in Turbulence IV, submitted (2010)
  • M. Voßkuhle, O. Kamps, MW, R. Friedrich, Statistical properties of velocity increments in two-dimensional turbulence, Progress in Turbulence III, Springer Proceedings in Physics, Vol. 131, 37-40 (2010)
  • H. Homann, O. Kamps, R. Friedrich and R. Grauer, Bridging from Eulerian to Lagrangian statistics in 3D hydro- and magnetohydrodynamic turbulent flows, New Journal of Physics 11 (2009) 73020 [New. J. Phys]
  • O. Kamps, R. Friedrich, and R. Grauer, Exact relation between Eulerian and Lagrangian velocity increment statistics, Phys. Rev. E 79, 066301 (2009) [Phys. Rev. E]
  • R. Friedrich, R. Grauer, H. Homann, and O. Kamps, Statistics of a mixed Eulerian-Lagrangian velocity increment in fully developped turbulence, Physica Scripta 79 (2009) 55403 [Phys. Scr.]
  • O. Kamps and R. Friedrich, Lagrangian statistics in forced two-dimensional turbulence, Phys. Rev. E 78, 036321 (2008) [Phys. Rev. E]
  • M. Wilczek, O. Kamps, R. Friedrich, Lagrangian Investigation of Two-dimensional Decaying Turbulence, Physica D 237, 14-17 (2008)  [Physica D]
  • O. Kamps,  R. Friedrich, Scaling in an ensemble of stochastic forced point vortices, Progress in Turbulence II, Springer Proceedings in Physics, Vol. 109,  (2005)
  • Oliver Kamps, Philip Jander, and Cornelia Denz, Instability threshold of a photorefractive pattern-forming system, Phys. Rev. E 72, 016215 (2005) [Phys. rev. E]

 Phd Thesis:

  • Lagrangesche Statistik in turbulenten Strömungen [pdf 12.9 MB]

 Diploma Thesis:

  • Bestimmung der Kurven marginaler Stabilität in einem photorefraktiven Rückkopplungssystem [pdf 1.3 MB]

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