M.Sc. Students

Current Aspects of Theoretical Chemistry and Theoretical Physics

This course for M. Sc. students (3rd semester) will be taught by lecturers of the "Center for Multiscale Theory and Computation" (CMTC). Additional contributions to this course by other lecturers are possible. Interested PhD students are cordially invited to participate.

Kick-off meeting for the winter term 2017/18: Tuesday, October 10, 4:15 pm in seminar room 4.23 (OC).

During the kick-off meeting the dates and actual topics will be presented/determined. We will try to find appointments that fit for every participant.

Group leader Dr. Jens Smiatek of the Helmholtz Institute Münster will lecture on "Statistical Thermodynamics" with a focus on "non-equilibrium thermodynamics" and "description of solutions".

Templates for further possible topics can be found here (archive) for the lectures of the past years.


Decoding structures, dynamics and interactions of biomolecules [1 SWS; Dr. V. Cojocaru]:
09.01./12.01./16.01./19.01.2018 + Practical Excercise (23./24.01.2018)
always at MPI für Mol. Biomedizin, Röntgenstr. 20

Ab initio Molekulardynamik [1 SWS; Prof. Dr. N. Doltsinis]:
07.12./14.12./21.12.2017, 11.01./18.01./25.01./01.02.2018
always Do, 10:00-11:30 h, seminar room 4.23 (organic chemistry institute)

Molekulare Theorie von Lösungen [1 SWS; Dr. Jens Smiatek]:
always 10:30-12:00 h, seminar room 4.23 (organic chemistry institute)

Embedding techniques with QM methods [1 SWS; Prof. Dr. J. Neugebauer/Dr. Ch. Mück-Lichtenfeld]:
11.12./13.12./18.12.2017,  08.01./17.01./29.01./31.01.2018
always 10:00 - 11:30 h, seminar room 4.23 (organic chemistry institute)