About the Center for Multiscale Theory and Computation

The CMTC was founded on March 20th, 2013 with the following goals:

  • Strengthen the scientific exchange of research groups, which utilize theoretical methods for the investigation of molecular, macromolecular, biomolecular systems, or condensed matter. Promote the development and application of multiscale methods for these systems.
  • Strengthen the scientific exchange with experimental groups in cooperative research projects
  • Increase the visibility of theory and simulation of bio- and physicochemical systems and condensed matter as a strong research field in Münster
  • Communicate the importance of theoretical methods to the students in chemical and physical sciences
  • Provide optimal conditions for young scientists in the field of theory and simulation

Board: Cmtc01 400

Prof. Johannes Neugebauer (Speaker)
Prof. Nikos Doltsinis (Dep. Speaker)
Prof. Andreas Heuer
Prof. Michael Rohlfing
Dr. Christian Mück-Lichtenfeld

Coordination and Management:

M.Sc. Michael Böckers