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The most secure passwords are randomly generated ones, which don't follow any specific pattern. However those passwords usually are very hard to remember.

This password generator is able to create such passwords. The default options fulfill our recommendations for secure passwords. Some options can be changed to make easier passwords which are better to remember but it also reduces the strength of the resulting passwords. Should you decide to use passwords from this website, be sure to memorize them well or use a password manager, e.g. KeePass, because the generated passwords cannot be recovered! You should use different passwords for different services.

Options: Completely random?
Special characters?
No ambiguous characters?
Average strength:

An alternative to random passwords is the use of a passwordcard. The fields of the passwordcard are randomly generated and can also result in a secure password.

With the help of a passwordcard a secure password can be deduced from an easy to remember keyword, e.g. the name of the service you want to use the password for or any other word. You can try the passwordcard by typing any word into the input field. The resulting password will be deduced from the current passwordcard and will be displayed. If you decide to use the passwordcard, you have download it and print it out. Make sure to keep it in a safe place like your wallet because, just like the randomly generated passwords, it cannot be recovered! You can use one passwordcard for different services but should use different source words.

1 -J9 9>P ^H7 ?9V E3, H$7 3-L |9V [X7 L:4
2 eir a3a egh ohr 9va hph -ei c3V aip hei
3 aL7 ma& cai faa Foo 7Ch ee[ wie 4Ai Moo
4 aY~ ah4 co! sha eja hpe i=m &ee Roo x9d
5 ieg a3c hee t{o o3t hep hei @Je i7y ee4
6 uTh ah9 ara h9c hea z3i ePh 3Pa i,w iC7
7 ies h=e ime ith oTh ae4 ahw ook eed ae9
8 eic hee ]no hr| aek u9a jei -ya iba uph
9 uch ohz 4ye i7i ewe i]p hie Now a4s huv
10 pae z4s ae] Hee K9o oTh e4b eiJ !on goo

Another alternative is using a mnemonic verse (memory hook) from which the password will be deduced. The resulting password can be easily remembered with the mnemonic verse and recovered from it.

First you have to come up with an easy to remember sentence. The sentence must not consist of quotations or popular phrases. For the next step you take the first letter of each word (or the 2., 3. or even last one as well), the numerals and special characters and combine them to a password. The source sentence can be written down and stored in a safe location. You should use a different sentence for each service.

Example sentence:My password is > 12 characters long and only used for my WWU e-mails.
Possible password:Mpi>12claoufmWe-m.

You can test the strength of your passwords with this simple tool. It checks for different characteristics and shows the individual ratings. The additions are characteristics a good password should fulfill while the deductions should be avoided. This tool only should be used to help with creating strong passwords but it cannot guarantee that a strong password really is secure. The analysis is performed locally and no passwords are sent over the internet.

Please note: You must not use words that appear in dictionaries in your passwords! Because this tool works locally on your computer it cannot detect words in passwords!

Password strength:

Number of characters
Uppercase letters
Lowercase letters
Middle numbers or symbols (e.g. s5.F)
Letters only
Numbers only
Repeat characters
Consecutive uppercase letters (e.g. JLD)
Consecutive lowercase letters (e.g. jld)
Consecutive numbers (e.g. 058)
Sequential letters/Keyboard patterns (e.g. abc, qwe)
Sequential numbers (e.g. 123)
Sequential symbols (e.g. !@#)