Exhibitions in the orangery 2019

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Sat, Apr 27 - Sun, May 12


Members of the Telgte artist group "Kunstquadrat" interpret this theme individually. Sometimes abstract, sometimes realistic.

Sat, May 18 - Sun, Jun 2

Follow the footsteps of Franz Wernekinck

Exhibition of the pictures of the NABU painting competition 2018

Sun, Jun 9 - Sun, Jun 23

Researchers, collectors, plant hunters - on the journey with Humboldt & Co.

This exhibition is part of the Botanical Gardens Week and focuses on the history of "plant hunting" from its beginnings to the present day. On the occasion of Alexander von Humboldt's 250th birthday, you will get impressions the life of the researchers and learn about exciting botanical discoveries. Botanists are still searching for plants today.
On Jun 6, 7 pm, Dr. Dennise Stefan Bauer (curator and technical manager) will give a talk about his own research with the title "The Mata Atlântica and Cerrado in Brazil, Botanical Research Trips". On Jun 19, 7 pm Prof. Dr. Fred J. A. Daniels will give a lecture on the topic: "Small but fine, the plant world of the fascinating Arctic".

Sat, Jul 20 - Sun, Aug 4

Tracing nature - trail of structure

Painting and Photography: Rita Fortmeier and Painting: Marga Holthues Potthoff

The search for traces of something that surrounds everyone but is no longer perceived by many as an everyday thing - the surrounding nature. It exists in the small as well as in the large.
This fascination brought in to awareness with paintings and photographs by showing the immenseness, the expanse, the light and the elements of the earth on a large scale or the wonder of fauna and flora on a small scale. Layer by layer, works are created that leave their traces. Step by step, natural materials such as earth, sand and chalk are incorporated into abstract pictorial ideas.

Sat, Aug 10 - Sun, Aug 25

Drawing - Fascination and Passion

Marlene in der Stroth shows coloured pencil drawings and drypoint etchings of plants, insects and birds.

Bentheimer Palette

Wed, Sep 18- Sun, Sep 29

So... seen.

Petra Gillmann: Drawings, Painting and Monika Schwerdt-Zumkley: Photography

Nature meets abstractions  

Thur, Oct 3 - Sun, Oct 6

Big bird presentation with colourful birds from all over the world

On the occasion of their 40th anniversary, the Vogelfreunde Davert e.V show many colorful dwarf parrots, colorful parakeets, exotic finches, the popular canaries and budgerigars in large and small aviaries. The aviaries are modelled on the vegetation of their home country, e.g. in Asia, Africa or Australia. A small waterfall with a stream invites visitors to linger.

Vogelfreunde Davert

Sun, Oct 13 - Sun, Oct 27

Zweitleben - Sculptures and Pictures

by Michael and Birgit Jaffke

Old rusty tools, scrap and finds from nature are given their second life as works of art in the form of sculptures and paintings with a lot of imagination and creativity. Especially in today's world, in which many things are quickly disposed of, Michael and Birgit Jaffke are keen to help old things to a second life, to make viewers smile or to give one or the other hidden thought-provoking impulse.

Guest artist ist Joana Fischer (USA). She shows pictures on the subject "urban woodlands".

The exhibition is open daily from 10:30 to 16:60

Farbig und rostig