Presentations on international conferences

Wageningen Soil Conference, 23.-27.08.2015:

  • Hamer, U., Tischer, A. (2015): Afforestation or intense pasturing improve the ecological and economic value of abandoned tropical farmlands. – The soil perspective.  

Conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö) "Tropical Ecosystems – Between Protection and Production" 2014 in Freising:

  • Quichimbo, P., Jiménez, L., Tischer, A., Hamer, U. (2014): Forest site classification as basis for sustainable silviculture in southern Ecuador.

EUROSOIL 2012 in Bari:

  • Bahr, E., Chamba, D., Hamer, U., Makeschin, F. (2012): Chronosequence – A space-for-time substitution for soil fertility assessment of different land-use types in the Southern Andes of Ecuador.

Conference on „Sustainable Land Use and Rural Development in Mountain Areas“ 16.-18.04.2012 in Stuttgart Hohenheim:

  • Hamer, U. (2012): Soil quality assessment in the tropical mountain rainforest region of South Ecuador.

Wageningen Conference on Applied Soil Science, 18.-22.09.2011:

  • Hamer, U. (2011): Land-use change: Consequences for soil microorganisms and soil functions.

Conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö) "Status and Future of Tropical Biodiversity" 2011 in Frankfurt a. M.:

  • Potthast, K., Hamer, U., Makeschin, F. (2011): Implications of land-use change and pasture-fertilization on soil microbial activities and communities in a mountain rainforest region of Southern Ecuador.

19th International Congress on Soil Science, Brisbane 01.-06.08.2010:

  • keynote: Hamer, U. (2010): Response of soil microorganisms to land-use change in China, Ecuador and Germany.

International Symposium on “Soil organic matter dynamics: Land use, management and global change” 2009 in Colorado Springs:

  • Hamer, U., Potthast, K., Makeschin, F. (2009): Land-use induced dynamics of soil organic matter and nitrogen in mountain soils of South Ecuador.

“Soil organic matters” workshop 2009 at Rothamsted Research:

  • Hamer, U., Potthast, K., Makeschin, F. (2009): Effects of urea fertilisation on SOM dynamics and PLFA profiles in pasture soils of South Ecuador.

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2009 in Vienna:

  • Hamer, U., Potthast, K., Makeschin, F. (2009): Land-use induced dynamics of C, N and P in mountain soils of South Ecuador.

EUROSOIL 2008 in Vienna:

  • Hamer, U., Makeschin, F. (2008): N-dynamic and microbial community structure depending on vegetation patterns in agricultural soils. In: Blum, W. H., Gerzabeck, M. H., Vodrazka, M. (Eds.). Book of Abstracts - Eurosoil 2008.

Sino-German Workshop 2007 in Hangzhou "A review on the study of Eurasien forest as a pool of carbon dioxide":

  • Hamer, U., Makeschin, F., An, S., Zheng, F. (2007): Carbon dynamics and microbial community structure in different degraded soils on the Loess Plateau of China.

European Science Foundation Workshop 2004 in Udine „Non-molecular manipulation of soil microbial communities“:

  • keynote: Hamer, U., Marschner, B. (2004): Role of dissolved organic substrates in soil organic matter turnover. In: Brookes, P.C., De Nobili, M. Book of Abstracts.

EUROSOIL 2004 in Freiburg:

  • Hamer, U., Marschner, B. (2004): Quantification and mechanisms of priming effects induced by water soluble organic substances. In: Book of Abstracts.